How To Generate Real Estate Leads Online Fast

Optimised Page For Capturing Real Estate Leads

A lead generation system like the one shown below is the secret strategy used by top achievers to ensure a constant stream of QUALIFIED leads.

A front page optimised for lead capture will convert anonymous site visitors into a lead who leaves you their full name, email and contact number in exchange for a piece of valuable content or service that you will provide upfront. It could be free property valuation report, condo purchase guide. expat relocation cheat sheet, buyers checklist or anything that will be an irresistible offer for your ideal prospect. 

Establish Yourself As A Trusted Authority By Providing Value Upfront

Automated Value Exchange Process

Who Can Use This Funnel?

This funnel is ideal for real estate agents with or without existing websites who struggle to set yourselves apart from the thousands of realtors and face difficulty in gathering quality leads.

When driving traffic to a website, real estate agents struggle to personalize where traffic is coming from and how they capture information of prospects.

The Most Effective Lead Generation Set Up

This lead generation sales funnel allows a real estate agent to be positioned as an authority immediately offer value upfront to their prospects in return for real contact information to follow up with, thus significantly increase the trust factor.

What Are The Highlights Of This Funnel?

The Headline

Having a strong and clear headline on a landing page enables you to bring attention straight to the next line of the features and opening statement.

As Featured In / Testimonial Section

Using a section of your landing page which shows where your business may have been featured in or testimonials of satisfied clients allows you and your company to position to be positioned as an authority.

This is a powerful feature that sets top achievers apart from the average realtors.

Whether the existing logos/testimonials are useful to you or local newspapers and press are more applicable to local traffic, this funnel allows you to build authority instantly.

Clear & Effective Opt In Box

This area is the most important part of the sales funnel which allows you to build your database of leads. In this real estate funnel, you can capture name, email and a phone number to follow up with your prospect.

Thank You Page

After capturing the lead you can easily customise a thank you message and begin your lead nurturing and relationship building process.

Easily Redirect Lead To Existing Property Listings

After capturing the lead you can easily customise a thank you message and begin your own follow up, lead nurturing and relationship building process. 

Written By Caleb Leng

Caleb Leng is Head Of Content Marketing at Clickuniversity. He is known as the 'Sales Funnel Ninja' (aka Clickninja) and is a specialist at using paid traffic to generate highly profitable sales funnels. He is passionate about writing no B.S marketing guides for entrepreneurs, creatives and realtors and is an advisor to multiple top real estate achievers in ERA and Propnex. 

His closet dream is to have a pet polar bear and take a cleopatra post photo while doing skydiving. You can look him up on Facebook, Instagram @potatoleng or drop him a WhatsApp at + (65) 94220198. You might even get free help if you catch him on a good day and save thousands in the process.