Day 1 Blogging Course: Why you should start a blog

Welcome to Day 1

Have you thought about why you want to start a blog? What made you want to enroll in this course and learn more about blogging?

There are many different reasons why you may want to start a blog. I started one purely as a hobby and it grew from there, others start as a way to drive more traffic or position themselves as a leader in their space (blog does wonders). There are others who start their blogs as a way to make money online right from the very beginning.

There are no right or wrong answers for why you should start a blog and many people start a blog for all kinds of reasons.

Quick note: If you just want to start a blog immediately, you can head over to How To Start A WordPress Blog Tutorial in 15 Minutes Tutorial.
Below are reasons you may want to thinking about starting a blog.

1. To Have Fun and Enjoy Life

Before I started blogging, I never gave it a single thought. Now I have been blogging for a few years now, I couldn't imagine life without blogging. It helps you appreciate the little things and I really started to enjoy life more.

I enjoy reading posts on other blogs, talking with new people and especially writing (no one started out as good writers! I'm from Singapore! We speak Singlish Lahhhhhhhh!!) Blogging is a fun hobby and business to have, regardless of the subject you are writing about.

2. To Educate and Help Others

No matter what kind of blog you create or own, the fact is that you are helping others. Someone may be motivated by your writing, they may gain a new perspective, learn something new and find enjoyment from reading your sharing.

I like to talk about ways to escape the rat race, how to become your own boss, proven online business strategies and legit ways to achieve passive income fast.  so I can help others. For me, I've learnt alot (and still learning of course!) about blogging, extra income, growing business and everything else – many of which from bloggers who are leaders in their space.

I believe my blog posts help and motivate others to improve their business and overall finances as well.  For example I hope that all of my extra income posts help inspire others to create multiple streams of income. I hope to inspire others live the life they desire (life is more than just paying bills and die!!) and creating different streams of income (sometimes while still in their day job)

3. To Be a Part of an Awesome Community

I've made a lot of good friends through my blog. And I love receiving emails from readers and friends that I've made. Being able to connect and learn from others is one of the biggest positives and takeaway of blogging.

4. To Grow As a Person or In Your Expertise

A blog can help you grow in so many ways. You will most likely become even more passionate in the topics that you love, you will constantly learn new things, you will meet new people, and many more!

5. To Build a Business or Position Your Yourself As An Authority

Of course, I have to include this as reason to start a blog. Blogging can be a great way to drastically improve your business you already have, or to create a business all on it's own. Whether you are a corporate employee, hoping to become your own boss, entrepreneur, creator, real estate agent, network marketer or a subject matter expert (finance? health? etc), a blog is a definite way to establish yourself as an authority.

I know many successful entrepreneurs, business owners, self-employed and bloggers and they all share the same thing, that blogging has significantly changed their lives and businesses. I agree!

I started as a hobby blogger and now I run a successful online business that earns me over $12,000 a month (it didn't take me very long) and I forecast it to continue to grow well into the future. My blog has helped many follow my journey and pursue a life they desire and still get paid well for it. Now I I travel anytime I wish, make a great living, have a flexible schedule, have more time to spend with loved ones and I will be able to retire early (thank you Father).

If you are not a student of this free blogging course, you can sign up by clicking on this link. You can thank me later.

To Your Rapid Online Success
Caleb Leng
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