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Clickuniversity is a resource run by me, Caleb Leng, to teach you proven strategies for running an online business, optimizing it for passive income— as well as marketing strategies for Entrepreneurs and Realtors.


Who is Caleb Leng?


Just a family guy in my late twenties who learned about passive income and internet marketing because he had to. Like so many other people, He's on his Plan B career.

Caleb is the son of a realtor, author of 102 Ways To Make Genuine Income Online. He was also the official Presidential photographer in Singapore for 7 years.

Growing up in a humble family of 5,  it was a common sight for police visits due to violent quarrels at home. Seeing parents fight with a chopping knife in hand was a common sight. Caleb grew up under living under the poverty line where the banks came for home seizure and electricity blackouts was a norm.

His mum worked as a nurse and dad served in the airforce and ventured into real estate after 23 years with little success. While both worked sacrificially giving of their time, the family struggled with the high cost of living and didn't have many options in life. After 36 years of marriage till ate, my parents never had a honeymoon.

Growing up, I can’t remember the last time he hadn’t sold something to make a profit for that extra pocket money. From trading Pokémon cards and phones in primary school to reselling iPods in high school, He loved the thrill of business and clenching deals.

Having self-taught internet marketing growth hacks all through high school mastering what was then known as yahoo auction, eBay selling, website management and development, running forums, running a content-based agency, building a SAAS and photography business from scratch, now running in 3 countries.

Having invested more than $27,000 to be mentored under Russel Brunson, Tim Ferris and Pat Flynn, Caleb now provides marketing consultation to government organisations, realtors, businesses and individuals on growth strategies and income replacement through marketing automation.

Clickuniversity is the summary of the last 7 year of his life, testing more than 62 different “Get Rich Tools and Lead Generation Systems” many of which were all fluff and utter B.S on the internet, promising the world but failed to deliver any real value.

Purely by the grace of God, he made his first six-figure income when I was 24 years old and believes firmly in the importance of prioritising relationship above money.


He wants to share his successes and  failures so others can reach their own business goals.



Personal Note From Caleb – Don't Worry!


If you haven’t started an online business yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’re not too late. Spend some time exploring my Start Here page to get a sense of what is involved. This page is designed to help you make good business decisions on your own, without having to pay some sketchy “online business guru.”

In fact, I give out all my best advice for free inside my newsletter. I hope you subscribe. You can do so using the form below:

Nicole Dean, shared her motto, “make money by making the web a more wonderful place.” I share this sentiment completely. I have worked hard to build this site into a resource that not only helps you build your business and avoid the false promises of get-rich-quick schemes, but also helps you provide a real benefit to your business’s audience.

After all, I have to be able to look my family in the eye every day.

Clickuniversity Exists to Support You, In Every Way





My readers are the reason Clickuniversity has thrived over the last seven years (and counting). I’ve built this site for you. I love hearing stories of your own successes—so much that I’m in the midst of building a special page just to highlight my readers’ successes (Coming soon).

Thanks for reading this! I’d love to have you join me and my community of other aspiring and existing business owners and realtors.

I believe “Success doesn't only go to the rich and intelligent but also to the humble who took action and never gave up”

At the end of the day, I'm just a simple guy like you, this is my journey.

Author, World-Traveller,
Online Entrepreneur Coach
Founder, Clickuniversity